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Wire Decking

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Storage wire decking: 
1, was used on pallet racking; 
2, storage loosen big goods; 
3, heavy duty wire decking shelving.
Storage wire decking
Wire mesh decking was made of round steel of dia.4mm, dia.5mm or dia.6mm. Matched with reinforcements to enhance the loading capacity. Reinforcements are the main place to take loads.
According to the goods size and shape, the mesh can be made at 100mmx50mm, 100mmx25mm, 50mmx50mm and 50mmx25mm. The most used one is 100mm x 50mm.
The decking width generally vary from 800mm to 1350mm. The depth is decided by the racking frame's depth. If use the strongest materials, each decking can load as much as 1500kg.
For a quotation, you only need to tell us your racking frame's depth, beam's length and each level's loading capacity. By these figures, we can make a quick quotation to yo
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