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RGV shuttle car is an automated storage system in the access device for a single storage location, a number of positions for storage, a single cargo space to pick up, to develop the number of seized, AB surface conversion, r everse goods.

RGV is a Rail Guided Vehicle ,we also name it by track shuttle car .It could be programmed to achieve picking ,transportation ,placement and other tasks ,and also with host computer or WMS system for communication ,Combined with RFID and Bar code identification technology to achieve automatic identification 、access capabilities.
RGV car could be divided into the following two according to the movement .

One is a linear reciprocating, widely application for all types of high-density storage of the warehouse, can improve the storage capacity of the entire warehouse.

The function of RGV car :
Accelerates and moves faster, making it suitable for transporting heavy box  .
Due to the fixed rail, walking smoothly, parking location more accurate
The control system is simple ,Reliable ,manufacture cost is low and it s convenient to popularization and application .
The walking route is not easy to change and the angle of turn can not be small .
RGV can be connected to multiple logistics nodes, with fast, simple configuration, easy to maintain features ,In some logistics solutions ,it could be replaced the configuration is relatively complex and poor maneuverability of the conveyor system .
According to different logistics scale and frequency, the system can choose multiple RGV at the same time to meet the actual requirements .
RGV control by its scheduling control system to complete ,Such as the logistics path and work mode changes, as long as the re-set the control system parameters can be achieved .
The advantages of RGV car .
RGV can be used for all kinds of high-density storage warehouse,
The length of car channel designed is no limited and it can improve the storage capacity of the entire warehouse,
and in operation without forklift into the roadway, it will be higher security. In the use of forklift without the advantage of entering the roadway, with the car in the roadway in the fast operation, effectively improve the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

RGV car

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